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YAI was founded simply out of a desire to learn more about alternative investments: private equity, hedge funds, venture capital and real estate.  We noticed that students were particularly interested both personally and professionally in alternative investments but had few opportunities at Yale to explore the industry further.  Students wanted more experience with alternative investments.  Funds were looking for smart analysts and new recruitment opportunities.  YAI was born.

Unique Focus

YAI focuses solely on alternative investments.  We’ve noticed that many students interested in finance want to spend their time on alternative investing but don’t.  YAI is positioned to eradicate this discontinuity by providing members an opportunity to engage with clients on billions of dollars in investments.   Professionally, many students aiming to work at PE or hedge funds look towards other paths such as banking or consulting first.  We’re daring to move more directly by both inviting speakers and organizing recruitment efforts from top funds.

Projects and Organization Structure

We believe the best way to gain experience in alternative investing is by working with industry leaders.  YAI is centered around completing projects for private equity, real estate, venture capital, and hedge funds, effectively establishing a satellite office for our clients. Members work in teams as student analysts for our clients, performing data analysis, due diligence, and basic modeling. Project teams are kept to a maximum of 4 people, meaning members have access to unparalleled responsibility and workflow.  Keeping teams small is part of our focus on building friendships between members and a strong club community, which we feel pre-professional organizations lack at Yale. 


When our projects require more time and dedication, being able to work alongside friends has made YAI so special.  We realize that the camaraderie within clubs that many students entering Yale envision has been especially absent from pre-professional organizations.  We’re seeking to change this narrative.  Keeping YAI small allows members to get to know each other and build actual relationships.  We host regular team dinners, club finance movie nights, and other fun events to make YAI feel like a community rather than just a commitment.

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