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Our Clients

Our clients are alternative investment leaders that manage billions in AUM. We partner with firms that have a solid reputation of generating alpha and are eager to mentor undergraduates. YAI aspires to contribute to our clients' outstanding success within the industry.


Our Work Philosophy

We believe that experience is the best teacher. That is why all of our projects at YAI are centered around completing real-world projects for industry-leading hedge funds and private equity firms. By establishing a satellite office for these firms, YAI is providing undergraduates an unparalleled experience to learn and grow from each other.


Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Students gain indispensable work experience. Whether you are conducting due diligence for a private equity firm, or analyzing large data sets for hedge funds, you are in the driver’s seat in delivering value to our clients. Our leadership team will mentor you to your potential, and you will gain highly relevant and applicable skills to the financial services industry. 


Our clients gain unique insights from our analysis and access to a pipeline of incredibly talented individuals. YAI holds its members to a high standard of excellence to ensure thorough and high-quality analysis. Our members are selected from a pool of talented students who prove themselves to be problem solvers and team players.

Client List

Current and Previous Clients


AUM: $14 billion

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AUM: $158 billion


AUM: $15.6 billion


AUM: $7 billion


AUM: $1.5 billion

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AUM: $1.3 billion


AUM: $3 billion


AUM: $2 billion


AUM: $1.5 billion


AUM: $456  billion


AUM: <$1 billion

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